About Us

About Us

The Clyde Fire Department is a full-service public safety agency that offers a variety of fire prevention, emergency medical assistance, rescue, risk management and disaster response services. Its staff includes fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and special technical response personnel. The Clyde Fire Department maintains a fleet of engines, boats and rescue vehicles. It also provides training and educational programs for general safety, emergency response and life saving techniques. In addition, the department receives and responses to request calls for emergency medical assistance via 911 telephone systems. The Clyde Fire Department has been operational since 1836 and is located in Clyde, N.Y.

Currently Clyde Fire Department Provides fire protection for the residents of Galen/Clyde – Wayne County NY and also to the residents of Tyre – Seneca County NY

Headquarters is in the Village of Clyde (Engine 49, Quint 3, Rescue 2, Rescue 16)  Station 2 is North of the Village ( Engine 44) and Station 3 is in Seneca County (Engine 48)


Chief of the Department

Deputy Chief

3 Assistant Chiefs

2 Captains

2 Lt’s